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This website hosts a bunch of little development projects of my own.
Nothin' marvellous, just tools i needed, found useful and finally decided to develop myself because i couldn't find something similar on the web.
Everything is given as is without any guarantee. Contact me in case of problems, or for any other need.

All these softs are "Be Nice 2 Send Me Some Reviews Comments or Thanks"-wares ;)

But if you ever feel like you want to make some donation: Go to paypal

Contact: TrV

- 2018/06/03: Update: m3u2cue small icon m3u2cue v2.6.
- 2017/08/27: Update: m3u2cue small icon m3u2cue v2.5.
- 2016/10/10: New: SMTP Switch Reborn small icon SMTP Switch Reborn.
- 2016/02/01: Update: ADPMonitor small icon ADPMonitor v2.12.
- 2016/02/01: Update: Cs small icon ArqCs.FileEditForm v1.6.
- 2013/03/16: New design of this website with separate sections Goodies and Oldies.
- 2013/03/13: New: Cs small icon ArqCs.FileContentObserver v3.0. New: Cs small icon ArqCs.LoopThread v2.0.
- 2013/02/19: New: m3u2cue small icon m3u2cue v2.0.
- 2011/07/15: New: Auto Compress File small icon Auto Compress File.
- 2011/07/02: Update: m3u2cue small icon m3u2cue v1.8.
- 2011/06/02: Update: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::ListCtrl v2.1.
- 2011/03/05: Update: ADPMonitor small icon ADPMonitor v1.12.
- 2011/02/13: New: MultiLogMonitor small icon MultiLogMonitor v1.0.
- 2011/01/20: New: Cs small icon ArqCs.FileContentObserver v2.0.
- 2011/01/14: Update: Cs small icon ArqCs.FileContentObserver v1.3.
- 2011/01/02: Update: ACLCron small icon ACLCron v1.7.
- 2010/12/21: Update: Cs small icon ArqCs.ProcessObserver v1.5.
- 2010/12/12: Update: Cs small icon ArqCs.LoopThread v1.4.
- 2010/11/30: Update: W32TimeManager small icon W32TimeManager v1.1.
- 2010/08/08: New: Subject Manager small icon Subject Manager.
- 2010/06/04: New: Get Selected Mails small icon Get Selected Mails.
- 2010/05/12: New: Auto Resize Image small icon Auto Resize Image.
- 2010/04/07: Update: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::FileEditDialog v1.3.
- 2010/04/01: New: Auto Resize JPEG small icon Auto Resize JPEG.
- 2010/03/19: Update: KUpdater small icon KUpdater v1.6.
- 2010/03/09: Update: Tftpd32-DHCP small icon Tftpd32-DHCP v1.3.
- 2010/02/20: All namespaces have been renamed: "wxTrV" to "ArqWx", "cppTrV" to "ArqCpp", "csTrV" to "ArqCs".
- 2010/02/19: Update: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::DirFileDialog v1.4.
- 2010/02/18: Update: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::LoopThread v1.1.
- 2010/02/17: Update: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::RegEx v1.2.
- 2010/02/13: New: Cs small icon ArqCs.BrowseFileComboBox v1.0. New: Cs small icon ArqCs.ProcessObserver v1.0.
- 2010/02/05: New: Cs small icon ArqCs.FileContentObserver v1.0.
- 2010/01/07: New: W32TimeManager small icon W32TimeManager v1.0.
- 2009/08/21: New: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::FileContentObserver v1.0.
- 2009/08/16: Update: FilesListSearch small icon FilesListSearch v1.3.
- 2009/08/12: New: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::Notebook v1.0.
- 2009/07/29: New: Cs small icon ArqCs.FileEditForm v1.0.
- 2009/07/28: New: ADPMonitor small icon ADPMonitor v2.0.
- 2009/06/21: New: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::LoopThread v1.0. New: Cs small icon ArqCs.LoopThread v1.0.
- 2009/06/13: New: Cpp small icon ArqCpp::ServiceManager v1.0.
- 2009/03/13: New: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::ListCtrl v1.0.
- 2009/03/12: Update: DirStruCopy small icon DirStruCopy v1.3.
- 2009/02/10: New: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::FileEditDialog v1.0.
- 2009/02/08: New: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::DirFileDialog v1.0.
- 2008/12/13: New: ACLCron small icon ACLCron v1.0.
- 2008/11/29: New: wxWidgets small icon ArqWx::RegEx v1.0.
- 2008/10/10: New: InnoSetup small icon Inno Setup templates.
- 2008/09/24: New: ADPMonitor small icon ADPMonitor v1.0.
- 2008/08/04: New: KUpdater small icon KUpdater v1.0.
- 2008/06/26: First release of this website: Java small icon FileIni.jar v1.1, Tftpd32-DHCP small icon Tftpd32-DHCP v1.1, FilesListSearch small icon FilesListSearch v1.1, No small icon ShMediaManager v1.0, DirStruCopy small icon DirStruCopy v1.2, m3u2cue small icon m3u2cue v1.0.

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